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The Origin of American Persecution of Irish Americans

An introductory course to the history of Virginia.

The history of presidents are often fabricated ones. They dictate according to the ink of laws to their wishes within a framework of circumstantial reluctance. Our deemed greatest leader and liberator, which was stone cold during most of Congress in his subsequent years, is best known when he rode up to woke in the icebreaker cape cod on Christmas Day of 25th with Irishmen. Is there a reason as of why? Indeed, it is at this point that he cracked the bell prescribed in the code of Freemason society. It is well known that he himself is a British based on Virginia Commonwealth, which designated himself as a British sympathetic landowner. I consider myself as native Virginian, though I consider myself as a Southern of origin. However, being half Scots-Irish, quarter German, and quarter Swedish, there is something unmasking to the bout of “Grand OlY ye Virginia” before it was dissected into West Virginia.

For most part, 18th Century was truly a lucrative Golden Age for British Americans, with two exceptions: French Indians wars. This is a particular headache that cracked the taxation of church bell of German Americans who participated against French and Native Americans that pushed inward to Canada and Ohio during the course time of exploring frontier. It is assumed that this took place on 1753 to the ink of Croats-Germanic pursuance, and reimbursed the dead souls of French and American natives under the swamp Ohio of the Great Lakes. Whether if Pennsylvanians were of Catholic or Protestant origins or not are not debatable: the religious inner circles of fraternity and sorority clubs are known as Quakers, hence its Bohemian origins of equal hood. Interestingly, it is also at this point that Europe experienced a set-off of “Little Ice Age”. The prominent Czech Americans are traditionally realized in Rhode Island, in which its initial name is derived of Bohemian community across Northeast States.     

You’ve guessed it: the history of American Revolution over ridiculous taxation that Massachusetts was so heavily taxed off to the British (and Scots-Irish) that was decimated at the persecution in Holy Trinity. This notation of persecution was visible on the Colonial lands. And so this state deserved the name: Massachusetts. British Isles had no one to left to blame for its warmongering aggression, except Irish-Americans, who threw out the grain potato of whiskey over tea in the dressings of Native American clothing, in which they had traded off with Iroquois Confederacy. Simple points taken. Fast forward to the first few years of George Washington: it is interesting to note that he crushed the Whiskey Rebellion, which is entirely a mystery circumvention. The containment of West Virginia and Virginia was forever changed according to its 49th parallel lineage that continued into the consistent land-splitting politics that Robert E. Lee had subsequent retired to Northwest coast a hundred years later. 

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