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The Sumerians: An Ancient Race

This documentary shows how the Sumerians lived back then in their time period and what technology they had.

The Sumerians were an Ancient race that lived in Mesopotamia in the time period of approximately late 6th millennium BCE and ended in either the 6th century BCE or the 7th century CE. Mesopotamia is located in modern Iraq up in the north. As seen in this map.

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Ziggurats were built to house the kings and princes and also rulers of Sumer. They where commonly known as temples and they were built on platforms. According to they were made from mud-bricks from about the year 2000BC and onwards. They grew rapidly and soon were in many Sumerian cities. And also later on other Mesopotamia cities built them. So far no historian knows why exactly the ziggurats were built or how they used them (e.g. to store treasure??)

From about 4000BC all ziggurats were built on top of massive mud brick platforms and the favourite god’s ziggurats could be found in the center of most popular Sumerian cities. Oddly the Sumerians believed that the gods came from behind the mountains. Some people also think that the ziggurats were made to look like that mountains themselves.

Aprox. C.2100BC there was a Ziggurat that was built in honor of the god Sin in the Ur. It was built by King Ur-Nammu as a tribute to that God. The king named it Etemennigur which literally means ‘House whose foundation creates terror.’


Ur-Nammu ruled between the time periods of c.2112-2095BC and he was the one who found the 3rd dynasty of Ur. He ruled for 18 years until when he died in battle. Thereon after his son Shulgi succeeded him. Ur-Nammu also was remembered for making a legal code. The Code of Ur-Nammu. He also was known for being the leader of making the Ziggurat of Ur.

Where Was Mesopotamia?

The blue line indicates Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia Cuts in through Iraq and moves into Syria Partially. As you can see by the map. Ur is near the bottom of Mesopotamia as that is where Sumer is. Sumer is exactly at the bottom half of Mesopotamia. You then have Babylonia and Assyria with the other 2 thirds.

Sumerian Technology

The Sumerians weren’t as well developed like us modern people. Their technology wasn’t computers and the top of the line gizmos and gadgets. No they had simple technology. They were one of the first ones in the Bronze Age to use metals such as copper and iron to make armor and weapons such as spears maces and swords. Metal wasn’t only used to make weapons of destruction. They were also used to decorate palaces

The Royal Tombs At Ur

The royal tombs at Ur were burial places for the gods and kings of Ur. From the years 1922 till 1934 C.Leonard Woolley dug up the old burials in search of remains of the old history. Most of the Tombs were all grave robbed and had certain traps in them. C.Leonard Woolley found over 1800 tombs but 16 of them contained special and valuable objects. So he therefore called those 16 tombs the ‘Royal Tombs’. Once word got out that Woolley found such treasure all were fascinated by his discoveries.

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