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The True Story Behind The Movie 300

The true story behind the movie 300.

The true story behind the movie 300

Everyone who has seen the movie knows that it is based on a true story, a story that was kind of changed for the movie. The whole battle between Greece and Persia is true, but the events before it and who actually fought in the battles. Please take the time to read this article and learn an interesting part of history.

Before Ancient Greece became united it was set up as a bunch of city states, these city states were constantly fighting each other. Sparta, based its life styles around war, to them dieing in battle was the most honorable way to die, Athens however focused on education more than it did on war.

Sparta and Athens were attacking each other constantly, Athens turned to Persia for help. Persia demanded an offering of earth and water, an offering Athens did not understand completely but they gave it to Persia. The thing they did not realize however, was that this offering, basically said we are now a colony of Persia. Persia thought they controlled Athens.

Sparta soon attacked Athens, before Persia sent troops. Somehow Athens was able to protect itself. Eventually Persia asked for taxes, the leader of Athens pushed the tax collector down a pit, as shown that Leonidas did in the movie.

Athens and Persia were now at war, Athens turned to the other city states for help. Many city states that once fought each other, now fought along each other. Leonidas was chosen to lead the army in battle. Under his command they slaughtered tens of thousands of Persians. While the land battle took place, an Athenian naval fleet prevented a flank from Persian ships. The Greeks were dominated the war at this point. There was one weak point however, a goat pass, guarded by 1000 Greek soldiers from a city state near by the battlefield. Somehow the soldiers thought the Persians went to their city to burn and pillage. The soldiers left the goat pass, leaving this flank open. The news spread to the Greek army, most soldiers were faced with a tough decision stay or go home to fight another day.

This choice was easy for the Spartans, they stayed until death, although one more city state stayed behind, for a total of 1300 troops making a last stand. The rest of the army went home… to fight another day.. to tell the story… to regroup and get ready for an all out war.

Leonidas was one of the first to die during the last stand surprisingly, being surrounded and Persian arrow fire was just to much to handle. The army did accomplish one thing however, they got time, time needed for the rest of the Greeks to get their army ready. Athens however was still burned to the ground…

The Greeks eventually did defeat the Persians, their military intelligence and superior fighting skills…

We must never forgot the last stand of the Greeks, it shows the bravery of man. It shows that they would rather die, rather than let the Persians burn Athens. It truly makes me think….

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