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The Truth Behind the Vietnam War

A brief analysis of the politics behind the Vietnam War.

During the Vietnam War era and still into today the reasons behind United States involvement in Vietnam are controversial and hotly debated. One certainty concerning the United States’ objectives is that, in no way, were ever as apparent as the objectives of the North Vietnamese or the Viet Cong. However, it can also be said that the United States’ objectives, however unclear, plainly differed on many levels from those of Ho Chi Minh and Communist Vietnam.

During the anti-communist era the United States opted to enter war simply because the Government felt it was the United states’ duty as a world superpower to set an example of Communist Vietnam for other communist nations. While most of the United States’ smaller objectives could be immediately justified simply by the fact that the country was at war, the reason for starting the war initially remains a topic of discussion, simply due to it’s controversial nature. Unfortunately, when the United States realized that victory could only be completely achieved in Vietnam through decades of war of attrition, high civilian casualty and unnecessary friendly losses, it was too late to begin a swift withdrawal of militant forces without severely damaging it’s reputation as a world superpower, and many more losses, both in progress and life were sustained.

Ho Chi Minh, and the rest of Communist Vietnam had objectives that were significantly more definite than those of the United States. Much of the Viet Cong were formerly citizens of South Vietnam and were rebelling against the corrupt and oppressive South Vietnamese government. Ironically, the proposed Communist government of North Vietnam was not that different from that of the South Vietnamese in terms of fraudulence and oppression. In the eyes of the North Vietnamese the United States was simply another foreign occupying force in a long ling of foreign involvement, and took little or no interest in why the United States was there, but rather on driving them out like they did the French, Chinese and many other invading forces. The simple fact that the North Vietnamese knew and believed in what they were fighting for gave them more of an advantage than any other factor.

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