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There’s Always Crime and There’s Always Heartbreak

Some thoughts I came up with in my head.

There’s always crime and there’s always heartbreak but you don’t have to give me heartbreak.

We run down the good people when our lives are at stake.

No one is perfect in this world I understand that so how about the rest of ya’ll jump on board.

We all make our success.

People will try to push you down when you’re on top of that mountain.

I don’t know because I have never reached the top of the mountain.

I wish people would quit telling me what to do with my own life.

I don’t know why some members in my family don’t like my girlfriend.

So what she doesn’t have a job, jobs are hard to find these days!

Sometimes I don’t think people want to see me happy.

They want to see you depressed because they are depressed.

Nobody’s life runs smoothly!

It didn’t run smoothly when George W. Bush was in office either.

Politicians don’t care about anybody they just want you to send them money and act like they’re your best friend.

It’s hard to tell now days who your friends are and who is just using you.

I’m tired and I’m sleepy but I’ve been sleeping all day except for when I had to go to work.

I don’t know why people lie to you and then act like they are telling the truth.

I’m not going to lie to you unless I have a reason to lie to you.

Everybody has their addictions they are trying to conquer.

If it’s a bad thing just give up on it but I know that’s easier said than done.

There’s nothing I can’t pass or get around.

Some people hate me because of my attitude but I really don’t care.

I’m just living life with a prayer.

I don’t want to be classified as anything and I don’t think anything should be confidential.

I’m just a guy trying to get by I’m not a realist or an idealist.

You’ll never stop me unless I want you to stop me.

I’ll listen to you because it seems like the right thing to do for now.

I don’t think I’m kissing ass any more than the next person.

I can’t help it we live in a kiss ass world.

Nobody is real anymore they just act like they are real.

I wish everyone did care in this world.

It’s so easy not to care.

You can’t just give up and lay in bed like I’m doing right now.

I’m laying in bed because my head hurts.

It’s pretty sad when you get to the point where you don’t want to spend money because you don’t have any money.

What’s really sad is when you have to listen to what these rich people just bought when you are barely making it and then they complain about taxes.

Taxes are a part of life you always have to pay taxes.

Sometimes I just ignore the problems I am facing.

You cause yourself a heart attack when you worry about stuff all of the time.

I hate it when people act like I’m retarded.

I hate it when I act like I’m retarded.

I hate how I assume stuff automatically without knowing the truth.

We all have to live here so let’s make the best of it.

Don’t get mad when I mess up that’s just a part of my life!

I enjoy life but I hate life at the same time.

There are probably people out there worst off than me.

You think you got it bad.

You don’t know what having it bad is.

I don’t know what having it bad is.

I can’t relate to a homeless person and I hope I’m never homeless.

Being homeless would probably suck especially in the cold weather.

I wish every person didn’t have their opinions.

This life isn’t heaven even though I want it to be.

I just wish people would get along we live in such a small world.

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