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Thomas Jefferson’s Portable Desk

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence on a little portable folding desk that he designed.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “It claims no merit of particular beauty.  It is plain, neat, convenient, and taking no more room on the table than a moderate quarto volume, it yet displays it sufficiently for any writing.”  Jefferson would have loved today’s laptops.

Jefferson’s desk was constructed with great precision.  A tilted stand rose to support paper and pen.  A tiny drawer located on the side held his writing materials.  Jefferson had a cabinetmaker in Philedephia build the little desk from mahogany.  Jefferson rented a room from the cabinetmaker while attending the Continental Congress.

Jefferson’s little desk was portable, light, flexible and tailored to fit the owner.  His desk was a model of what American products were to become.  Jefferson kept his desk for fifty years.  He took the desk to France and to the White House. 

Jefferson’s desk may have held several sheets of his beloved graph paper.  He used the graph paper in his architectural drawings.  The desk was composed of neat and specific compartments.  Here is a list he made of the contents of one of his desks:

wafers, sealing wax, seal, hair…shaving brush, ink phial, ink pot, dividers, drawpens, pencil, rubber, thermometer, magnetic needle, scissors, knife, whetstone, scale, razor strap, razors, toothbrushes, comb, night cap, rind dial, damping brush, scales, monetary steelyards, tape measure…


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