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Top 10 Events of 2009

Describes the top ten events of this year.

Here are some of the top events of 2009. They are presented in no particular order.

1.We get our first African-American president, Barack Obama;inaugurated January 20, 2009.

2.The King of Pop, Michael Jackson dies at age 51 on June 25, 2009.

3.Sarah Palin resigns from her position as Governor of Alaska.

4.Patrick Swayze dies after a long battle with pancreatic cancer at age 57 on September 14, 2009.

5. Oprah confirms her resignation from her show after 23 years of being on the air.

6. A 6 year old boy is believed to be in a fly-away hot air balloon but this turns out to be a hoax.

7. In June, the swine flu is deemed a global pandemic.

8.A California woman gives birth to eight children.

9.Kayne West takes trophy from winner Taylor Swift and announces that Beyonce should have won in music awards.

10. Farrah Fawcett dies at age 62 after a battle intestinal cancer.

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