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Touched Move…wrong Move

When Thomas Edison was seeking to invent the electric light bulb, he didn’t get it right the first time. It took him approximately 10 000 experiments and errors to invent the perfect set up.

Almost all of the members in our family can play chess. I consider my papa, older bro, and sis as experts. I know how play but I can never beat them. In that game, when you touch a specific piece, you really have to move it. There are however, certain moments that I became careless. I touched a piece and moved it…only to find out it was a wrong move that would end up loosing the chess Queen or worst checkmate. Whenever I realized that my move is wrong, I beg my sis sometimes that I have to change my move (lol). I still never win against her. I still need lots and lots of practice. But who cares, I had fun.

What am I trying to say? Let’s face it. Life is like a chess. You make decisions, you move. There are situations that you end up being a winner,  that is good. But most of the times, the piece that we are going to touch and move are so opposite from winning. There are situations we wish we should have done this instead of that…say this instead of that…act like this and not like that. And the worst fact is that there is no one who can be asked to change your wrong move. I have read one article stating that as a rough guide in life, you can expect to fail 80% of the time in a life well lived… 

When Thomas Edison was seeking to invent the electric light bulb, he didn’t get it right the first time. Did he immediately throw a ‘wobbly’ and say, “I’m a big fat failure!”? Did he throw his arms up in the air and sigh, “This is just too hard. I give up!”? Did he grab a bottle of booze and become an alcoholic and live in his memories, slurring to his fellow street bums, “I *hic!* tried to invent *hic!* the electric light bulb once *hic!* …. but it didn’t work *hic!* out… life sucks.”? ( Fail Your Way to Success)

No. No. No!

You first learned to walk after falling down thousands of times. Thank God you didn’t give up trying to walk every time you fall- or you’d still be crawling now on the floor.

New year is coming. Come on, cheer up! Stop looking back and blame yourself for the things you did or the things you wish you did not do. There is no wrong. There is only priceless lesson. You’ll see, it will be just fine. 

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