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United States Presidential Trivia and Facts

Here are some not so well known facts about the American Chief of State. You might not have studied these facts about the Presidents in history class.

1. Nixon was the first President to visit all 50 states as President.

2. 31 states have never produced a homebred politician who has become President.

3. 8 Presidents have come from the state of Virginia (the most from any state).

4.  The tallest President was Lincoln, at 6feet 4 inches.

5. The oldest man elected President was Reagan at 69.

6. It was reported that President John Quincey Adams liked to swim nude in the Potomac River in the early morning hours, back in hie time as President.

7. Washington Jefferson and John Adams collected and played marbles. Far cry from basketball or video games!

8. Did you realize 4 Presidents did not win the majority of the popular vote, but were elected by the Electoral College? B. Harrison, R. Hayes

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