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Was the Cold War Due to Ideological Differences?

An argument about whether the Cold War was due to the ideological differences between USA and USSR in the early 19th century.

It is agreeable to a certain extent that the Cold War was due to the ideological difference between the USA and the USSR. This is due to other contributing factors such as feelings of mistrust and breakdown of wartime alliances that led to the Cold War.

As for ideological difference, the USA believed in democracy while the USSR believed in communism. There is a presence of competing ideologies as the USA choose their government by voting for leaders they want and leaders can belong to any party while in USSR, the communist party rules the society. The communist party has only one leader who controls the country and is considered dictatorship. Furthermore, in USA, the individuals have the rights and rights are more important than needs of the community while in Russia, the community is more important than the individual. USA’s wealth is created by private enterprise and trade through a market economy while Russia’s wealth is owned collectively and by everyone in the society.

This led to the supporters of democracy felt that choosing between Democracy and Communism meant choosing between freedom and slavery respectively as democracy offered freedom and communists had to give up their freedom. Communist believed that workers were not free in democratic societies and that workers were slaves of the farms. Hence this led to conflict between the USA and the USSR as people believed in different ideology.

However, the feeling of mistrust between USA and USSR also contributed to the outbreak of the Cold War as initially when the communist first came to power in the October 1917 Revolution in Russia, the USA and other western countries did not trust the communist, they were afraid that a worldwide communist revolution would mean the end of capitalism and democracy. Moreover, the poor relations also existed because of the west involvement in the Russian Civil War when the USA sent funds and troops to prevent spread of communism as well as provide aid to anti-Bolshevik White Armies. Thus, there had been tension between the communists and supporters of democracy even before World War II. Therefore, the cold war was due to the feelings of mistrust which ultimately lies with conflicting ideologies.

The breaking of wartime alliances also had a part to play in the cause of the Cold War. Between 1941 and 1945, the Soviet Union joined the USA and Britain in the fight against Germany, Italy and Japan. Once Germany was defeated, Soviet Union and USA had no common enemy. They began to turn their backs with each other. Without a common enemy, they began to fight with each other once again to obtain the best interests out of themselves.

Therefore, it is agreeable to a certain extent that the Cold War was due to the ideological differences between the USA and the USSR. This is because contributing factors like feelings of mistrust with increased the suspicion between each other intensified the gap between these two super powers further and the breakdown of wartime alliance led to these two powers competing with each other in the end instead of continuing to cooperate with each other. Nevertheless, the Cold War happened because these two different set of ideology could not exist in the presence of the other.

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