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Were the Crusades worthwhile for the people of Europe? – ESSAY

Were the Crusades worthwhile for the people of Europe?

The Crusades, otherwise known as the Holy Wars, lasted for nearly 200 years, between 1095 and 1291. The main reason of the Crusades was to regain control of the Holy Land where Jesus, the messiah of Christianity, was born and lived and later died.  There was nine Crusades altogether.       The Crusades, in my opinion, was worthwhile for the people in Europe. A reason that the Crusades were worth it, is better education.

Education before the Crusades for the people in Europe wasn’t really good. Mathematics was a lot harder using roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc.)  After the Crusaders came back from Jerusalem, they brought back the knowledge of Arabic numeral, the numbers we use today (1, 2, 3, etc.). Mathematics is so much easier for the people in Europe. The Crusaders also brought back paper. Before the crusades, people in Europe used parchment, made out of animal skins. Paper is a much cheaper alternative. Moreover, on the long journeys to Jerusalem, Crusaders learned to read and write to burn time. Trade was also a massive benefit to the people of Europe.

Trade routes were established after the Crusades. Many food, never been seen in Europe, were brought back from Jerusalem such as Apricots, spices, herbs, lemon and sugar. After a crusade, the crusaders came back with such luxuries as mattresses and couches. They were used to the comfort in Jerusalem, so they brought it back to Europe.  The Muslims were clean people. They wash and bathe and the crusaders brought soap back. Many diseases were stopped because of the people in Europe. We could all be dead if we didn’t have the crusades. Medicine in the medieval times wasn’t really that good before the crusades.

 Back in the medieval times, if a limb had to be cut, the doctor had to hold the patient down and cut off the limb with an axe. The crusaders came back with drugs that would stop pain (anaesthetic) saving the people of Europe a lot of pain and suffering.  Head Pains were treated with sweet-smelling herbs such as rose, lavender, sage, and bay. A mixture of hen-bane and hemlock were applied to aching joints and Coriander was used to reduce a fever.  Stomach pains and sickness were treated with wormwood, mint, and balm.

Although there were many benefits for the people in Europe, there were also many losses. Many Europeans were killed. Children, knights, noblemen and peasants were killed. At the end of the crusaders, over two hundred years of war, NO land was taken AND many ancient artifacts were lost. Moreover, many crusaders didn’t fight, they only concentrated on getting rich and living a luxury life.

In conclusion, the crusades were worthwhile for the people in Europe because of the better education, the trade routes and the improved medicine.

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