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What Did Hitler Use to Gain Power

Some of the things Hitler used to his advantage to gain power.

How was Hitler able to use the following to gain power? [10 marks]

Treaty of Versailles/Loss of the War

Hitler branded the government who surrendered the war “November Criminals” and cowards. Hitler believed that Germany was strong enough to have carried on in the war and won, he shared this view with millions of Germans whom he was able to exploit and use in his favour to win the popularity of the German nation. When Hitler was arrested and was on trial for high treason, he again branded the government who signed the Treaty of Versailles as the traitors who should be on trial for the betrayal of their country. This again won the support of the nation including the judge who was in charge of his trial.

His anti-Jewish Attitude

Hitler’s hatred of Jews sprung from firstly when he was a child, his mother was dying of breast cancer and the doctor who delivered the news was a Jew so Hitler blamed him. The most well known reason for Hitler’s hatred of the Jews was when he was a “down and out” in the streets of Vienna. He was an artist in working in Vienna and when he tried to sell his artwork to the art shops, which happened to be owned by Jews, he was turned down. Because of this Hitler started to blame the Jews.

Hitler’s Personality and Skills

Hitler has a driven personality and likes to have control. He is a good public speaker which he demonstrates at his rallies and when in court. He has a good vocal projection, which grabbed people attention. With these skills and sharing the common view Hitler was able to get the public support behind him.

Direct Action

Hitler believed in direct action, which in some ways made him feared as he used a militant approach via his SA and SS.

Propaganda and Censorship

When Hitler began to seize power he used extortion to his advantage. A big event that gave Hitler power was the Reichstag fire which some believe was started deliberately by Hitler’s order or Communists who Hitler believed was to blame. Hitler managed to persuade President Hindenburg that it was a terrorist act of communists and needed to be acted upon. Hindenburg in turn gave Hitler the powers of the enabling act, which stopped the freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and allowed him to have phones bugged. The idea of this act was tom prevent terrorism but Hitler used it to his own gain to dictate the nation and to prevent anyone opposing him.

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    Hitler is not even as good as the worst American president, who must manage a whole nation in such a manner that sophisticated human rights are preserved. Any dummy can run a dictatorship.

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