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What It Takes to be a Barack Obama Supporter

As the Republicans fight it out, President Obama does his job, adding experience and victories to his record. Can his faithful supporters convert and convince the skeptics to usher in a second Obama administration? This supporter tells what it takes to be an Obama supporter in 2012.

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After Obama was elected, middle class housewife Velma Hart looked right at the President and told him she was “exhausted” defending him. She was an African-American supporter of Obama in the 2008 campaign, but by 2010, she was tired of fighting the Right on the health care battlefield, and she was tired of defending the President’s moves to the Right as he tried to reach across the aisle and govern from the center. She must have also felt forgotten as an African-American, someone who voted for Barack Obama with high hopes for her own community, many of whom have felt abandoned as he failed to address the needs of the Black community in the inner cities and nationally. Many of Obama’s supporters know how she feels, and they have been experiencing the same “Obama Fatigue” as the fever pitch against the President has increased and the election of 2012 draws near.

Now that we have entered the Republican primary season, supporters of the President are spoiling for a fight. Day after day, they hear on Fox News and even in the mainstream media attacks on the President, his record, and his ideals. Over the past three years, the president has been vilified, his personal and political history has been distorted, and his accomplishments have been forgotten or belittled. Those who admire and support the President are constantly on the defensive. Obama’s faithful argue that the President’s measures have saved the American economy, pulling it out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. They claim the President’s policies have created 22 months of consecutive private sector job growth, and that Obama has consistently kept his promises, leading to the most productive legislative agenda in the first two years of his term since Franklin Roosevelt. Even though the President himself has stated that there is much work to do, the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act, the reduction of the unemployment rate to 8.5%, the creation of the Consumer Finance Protection Board, and the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” are just a few of the progressive policies the President has put in to place. Obama supporters are asking their fellow Americans to give the President four more years to accomplish the changes that they hoped President Obama would bring to fruition during his first term. Immigration reform, education reform, deficit reduction, and economic growth are still high on the President’s agenda, according to Obama’s army of volunteers.

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