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What Split The North and The South Before The Civil War

Pre-Civil War Experience.

                During the period of 1845-1850 there were many causes of creating tensions between the North and the South of the United States of America. These very causes eventually end up resulting in the Civil War, the deadliest war ever in American History. The factors that created tension between the North and the South were slavery, states’ rights, and abolition movement.

            Slavery was a huge issue during this period in time. As the South favored it the North disagreed with it. The Northerners opposed the Fugitive Slave Act, which made it the North’s priority to return escaped slaves back to the South. After the Compromise of 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act became stricter in its rules. It would punish any Northerner that helped slaves to escape. For example the Dread Scott Case in 1857 would be an important court case decision. Scott explained that he was residing in a free state so we believed he was a free man. The result of the court case was that the Southerners won and proved that slaves are their property and it is protected by the Constitution. Another cause of increased differences in the North and the South was the beginning of the Mexican War. The Southerners approved of war because they believed they could extend slavery to the state of Texas if they won the war. The Northerners opposed going to war with Mexico because they had no interest in extending slavery to other territories. Slavery played a big role in increasing the tensions between the North and the South.

            Another reason for the splitting up of the North and South was states’ rights. The South believed that the states should receive more power than what it had. They believed in declaring laws unconstitutional and unfair. However, the North opposed states’ rights and wanted a strong central government. This created the idea of sectionalism or pride to one section of the country instead of the whole country .The idea of states’ rights created severe differences between the North and the South.

            The final cause of the North and South having many differences and arguments is the abolition movement. As a northerner, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote one of the most famous books of all time, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book was antislavery as it discouraged the use of slavery. As a result of the creation of this book many southerners became angry and started to write novels of their own to disprove the facts in the famous novel. Another famous abolitionist that took charge was Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a famous escaped slave who helped many slaves escape the dangers of the South to the north to freedom. Finally abolition movements created tensions and outbreaks between the North and the South.

            In conclusion, there were many reasons why tensions increased between the North and the South, this included slavery, states’ rights, and abolition movements. The North and the South had many differences that would eventually lead up to the Civil War. During 1845 to 1850,  the North and the South despised each other and forced each other to go to war.

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