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Where Our Rights Come From

Short essay on our rights as a USA citizen.

We have been blessed as a Nation since the inception of this country because our founding fathers knew the Truth. That our rights and freedoms were given to us by our Creator, not our government. Thus credit was given to our Creator and NOT our government. Over the years, many have tried to change this, some have succeeded in making many believe that our rights and freedoms come from our government. The more people believe that, the more vulnerable we are to  tyranny and socialism.

It is this exact mentality of faux belief, that has given the left wing liberals, a minority, the power to rule, a Congress to go rogue and the Chosen One to take office. WE MUST take back our country. That will be when the people once again believe that our rights and freedoms come from our creator and NOT our government, and not one second sooner. To Whom much is given, Much is expected.

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