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White House Regrets President’s Blooper

It’s about "polish death camp "controversy.

President of the United States misspoke when he reffered to “Polish death camps” during a ceremony honoring Jan Karski-a Polish World War II resistance movement fighter and a professor at Georgetown University.

“We regret this terrible mistake which should never happen,and should not out of the weight of an obvious intent to honor Jan Karski and thoseof Polish citizens who were on the side of human dignity” -this statement was sent Wednesday by spokeperson for the White HOuse,Caitlin M. Hayden.

This is an almost exact repeat ofTuesday’s statement of the National Security Council of the United States ,Tommy Vietora.

White House has extended it to Wednesday by an additional sentence to emphasize the recognition of Barack Obama for victims of Polish people during World War II.

“Polish death camps”is a hugely offencive in Poland,where Nazi murdered Poles,Jewes and others in death camps built during World War II.

Poland is still waiting for a stronger and more pointed reaction,that could eliminate the phrasing “once for all”

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