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White House Responds Petitions UFO and Alien

The U.S. government accused of deliberately covering up evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

Two petitions delivered to President Barack Obama. Ask for the White House – the so-called deliberate cover up the existence of extraterrestrial beings – revealing documents of all agencies, including the military, which is relevant to that phenomenon. Including their contact with aliens.

UFO appearance in the movie Independence Day (20th Century Fox)

The White House finally meet that demand. “The U.S. government had no other evidence of life beyond Earth, or that extraterrestrial beings have human contact,” said Phil Larson, White House officials in charge of science and technology.

“In addition, there is no credible information that proves there is evidence that deliberately hidden from the public,” he said.

To note, the petition contains the demand that the Obama administration reveals the knowledge or even communication with aliens signed by 5387 people, while 12,078 people demanding an explanation of the White House about the human relationship with the aliens.

“Hundreds of members of the military and bureaucrats to witness and give recognition to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial beings,” said the second petition. “Opinion polls currently indicate, more than 50 percent of Americans believe there is the existence of aliens, 80 percent believe the government did not say kebernaran about this. Public has a right to know.”

The petition was sparked by a government-issued Obama initiative, called ‘We the People’ which obliges the government to respond and consider the staff to take action on issues that at least 5,000 people signed online within 30 days. Later, it was decided, at least to 25,000 signatures,

Back to the White House response, Larson emphasizes, the fact remains, there is no valid evidence of the existence of aliens on Earth. Although some researchers have concluded, that there may be life out there, but the chances of their contact with humans is very small, given the tremendous distance away. “However, that does not mean the existence of human beings outside, not discussed and explored,” said Larson.

He said one way to detect the presence of extraterrestrial beings is by ‘listening’, find the signal emitted by an alien civilization. However, it has not produced results. The way it was originally a NASA project is now privately funded.

Larson adds, Kepler spacecraft is also being tasked to find planets similar to Earth in the habitable zones of stars, the rover Curiosity also soon be launched to Mars this month – to find out whether there is or has ever existed in the ‘red planet’ .

At present the evidence presented about life in outer space at this time, he adds, the new ’statistical and speculative’. “The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence on Earth.”

Responding to the White House statement, Paradigm Research Group, one of the organizations sending the petition admitted to not satisfied. They say, the response ‘low-level staff’ can not be accepted. They will start a new petition campaign.

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