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Why Did the Industrial Revolution Happen in Britain?

The industrial revolution was a while ago now but I shall overview it and see what advantages and possibly disadvantages we have had out of it

Empire and Overseas Trade Grew

This was the most important aspect of the industrial revolution. In the early 16th century Britain was comprised of just England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, which did not provide many trading opportunities. However, by 1800, Britain had taken over a great deal of the world and had many prospects for trade. This increased Britain’s economy significantly.

Transport was Improved

Transport was very poor in 1750 and this needed serious improvement. At first, what was called “Turnpike Trusts” were started up. These raised money to help maintain roads by charging people for using their roads ant toll gates. Then came the canals. The canals were first started up in Bridgewater and then spread massively all over the country. Finally, the railways came along. The railways were the first fast way of traveling all over the country fast. After over coming a few glitches, this became the most popular and public-friendly method of transport.

Plenty of Raw Materials

Britain’s growing industry needed a constant supply of raw materials. Fortunately, the country was full of them. For instance, in 1750, about a million tonnes of coal were being mined every year in Britain. The workers were paid cheaply so the materials were easily affordable. Therefore, some or our massive supply could be traded with the Caribbean for such things as cotton, which could not be grown in the UK.

Population Grew

Between 1750 and 1900 the population grew incredibly. In the 16th century Britain only laid home to about 11 million people. However, due to the massive improvements of the life-style in many aspects by 1800 the population was 21 million. As the work, transport, culture, health and medicine improved vastly, people were living a lot longer than they were before. The population had grown about 365% since 1750 to 40 million.

Farmers Grew More Food

Of course, as the population grew, the more people needed more food. But as Britain moved forward into the future, the science was more accurate. This made farmers able to grow more food properly. They could sell more food and therefore make more money, pay more tax and at the end of the line British economy would improve.

New ideas and Inventions

New ideas and inventions were coming along every day and most people weren’t taking much notice of it. They thought most of them were nut cases but if I told you one of those nut cases invented central-heating you wouldn’t think that would you?

I conclude that the British Industrial Revolution was a success and I will leave you with this thought. Where would we be, without it?

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