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Why Obama is Dangerous for America

Why Obama is dangerous for America.

Taxes: Obama’s plan will dramatically increase the size of the federal government. Before he and his Democratic congress are done- all of us will be paying more taxes, and the national debt will go even higher. Obama is hiding his welfare measures within his tax plan.

Labor: Obama supports the Fair Pay Act. This is a socialist bill. Every job that is disproportionately male would be compared, by “objective” analysis, to every job that presently is female dominated. If the respective wages don’t correlate to government experts’ assessment of relative “value,” the employer will have to equalize wages. This will destroy a free market’s ability to set wages.

Free Speech: Obama supports the something called the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ on the media. If the fairness standard is instituted, the result will not be easier access for controversial views. It will instead be self-censorship, as stations seek to avoid requirements that they broadcast specific opposing views. Liberals want to censor opposing views once they achieve full power.

Immigration: Stop and remember: what has Obama said about the problem of illegal immigration? Nothing. Liberals just want more potential Democrats, so like Clinton, the doors will be thrown open, and that will be that.

Defense: Obama’s allies in Congress have already proposed a 25% reduction in defense spending. Another Jimmy Carter-style period of weakness will follow.

Abortion: Obama favors abortion on demand. He supports the ‘Freedom Of Choice Act’, to invalidate all limits on abortion. Obama simply advocates abortion.

Israel: Reverend Wright, Obama’s pastor and friend for many years is a virulent anti-Israel zealot. Read his sermons. Obama will throw Israel under the bus to please the Palestinians (like his buddy Rashid Khalidi of LA Times fame).

Associations: Did you know that one of Obama’s top confidantes and advisers, Valarie Jarrett was born in Iran? Did you know the controversial real estate tycoon Tony Rezko, is a Syrian? How about Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, two wealthy Pakistanis Obama met and lived with while traveling abroad? Did you know they are now running major internet fund-raising for his campaign? Did you know Obama went to Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for a guy named Ralia Odinga- a hack politician who signed a pact with the extreme Muslim party to make Kenya an officially Muslim country? Obama sure has a lot of interesting friends.

You have a clear choice. A vote for Obama will increase your taxes, decrease your personal freedom and basically turn our exceptional nation into something like France. No real American wants that.

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  1. serowa

    On July 22, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    You sound like a REPUBLICAN MOUTH PIECE by what you have exposed in your article. While I do not support Obama or any of the candidates in the USA, the fact of the matter is that all American presidents are puppets of the power that puts them in the office. That is why they can order the killing of others in foreign countries on the pretense that they are enemies of America and Israel. But God does not wink at lies and people reap what they have sowed. God is just!!!

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