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Why The U.s. Went Into World War Ii

This paper will describe why the United States went into World War II.

World War II is one of the most infamous wars in the history of the world. Some countries were not in the war from the start, such as the United States. Pearl Harbor, which was Japan’s biggest mistake, was the main reason why we went in it, but what else gave us a reason to jump into this major conflict? In this paper, I’m going to explore the reasons why the U.S. went into WWII.

            The first, and probably most widely known, reason why we went into World War II was the Pearl Harbor attack. The Japanese got angry at the United Sates since we stopped shipping oil to them, so they wanted revenge. Unfortunately, the United States were completely unaware of the oncoming invasion, and the attackers were sent before Japan even declared war. Luckily, the largest battle cruiser that the Japanese were looking for wasn’t docked at Pearl Harbor.

            Secondly, many of our allies were being destroyed by the Axis, such as Great Britain and France. We secretly got into the war by giving our allies ‘munitions and supplies. Sometime during the war, Germany caught on to us and Germany and Italy declared war on us shortly after we declared war on Japan.

            The Great Depression was the United State’s worst economic meltdown in the history of the United States. Lucky for us, and world war broke out, and what’s a better way to get an economy going than a war? World War II ended our unemployment problem since millions of jobs were created for the demand of planes and supplies. The United States had a good outcome from World War II, and it made the congress that was in office practically heroes to U.S. citizens.

In conclusion, World War II was a gigantic battle between hundreds of countries. Some started it, like Germany, but most countries were pulled into it, either by being a colony of another country and forced into the war, or by a drastic event. The United States was in a drastic state of “depression”, much like we are now. A war would be a great economy booster, so congress used Pearl Harbor as a reason to jump into the war and become the country we are today.

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