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Words Can Never Tell

A look back in history, lives given..a world at war! We need to remember where we came from, sometimes it helps us know where we’re going!

Nothing in this article meant to be offensive, but realities of what freedom cost and the horrors of war!

The Quantum Conservative 

On June 6, 1944
Remembered in war
Operation Overload
Normandy shore
Largest military amphibious
Assault in history
Bullets, bombs, and blood
Shrapnel, sadness, shrieks
Bodies, brave, beliefs
Cries, commands, casualties
Words can never tell
Storming Normandy Beach
Feelings, near hell
World war, no peace dwell
World War II, Normandy
Some say nearly ten thousand
Normandy allied dead
Nearly twenty thousand
French civilians perished
Have to be there
Bloody chaos and terror
Words can never tell
Fight, freedoms not perish
Horrible, no illusion
War never to be cherished
Blood soaked beach
Waters red, blood of men
Willing, fight freedoms keep
Find victory, those send
Words can never tell
Those there that day
Ring freedoms bell
But there’s a cost
Torn flesh, blood a flow
So many men lost
Horrors of war
Memories those survived
But, words can never tell!!

Remembering D-Day,  – The Big Picture –

D-Day, the Allied invasion of Northern Europe on June 6th, 1944, opened up a second front that forced Hitler to send forces west, which took pressure off the Russians. The greatest seaborne invasion in history was aimed at 80 kilometres of mostly flat, sandy beach along the Normandy coast. British, Canadian, and American soldiers along with smaller numbers of French and Poles, succeeded in establishing a beachhead. (Less than half of the invading force was American.)
It was *not* a “turning point” in the war, as it occurred long after Germany had been forced onto the defensive, and because it was much smaller in scale than battles such as Stalingrad, but D-Day certainly did speed up the process. The war in Europe ended 11 months later. 

Graphic video-clip…”Saving Private Ryan”

Liked it
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