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10 Fun Things to Do on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Looking to do something different for your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration this year? If so, here are some fun things you and your guests can do on those special days.

Thanksgiving and Christmas events usually start off enjoyable because of the food; however before long, they can become quite boring especially for active guests.  This is usually because the host doesn’t bother to plan anything fun outside of the menu.  So if you want your “more interesting” guests to come and stay for awhile, keep them entertained by providing additional activities.

1.  Celebrate over a breakfast rather than a traditional dinner meal.

Sometimes family’s have the following: unexpected financial problems, schedule conflicts, alcoholics, overzealous sports fans, family problems, etc.  Rather than invite everyone to an afternoon celebration, prepare a wonderful breakfast and provide thank you cards for all your guests expressing your gratitude.   However, if your family isn’t like the one described above go with the traditional family meal but put a time limit on it so that you are not burdened into the late hours of the night.  Also, get people to volunteer to clean up BEFORE you have the event. 

2.  Interview relatives on the day of the event by asking them interesting and fun questions.

Take the time prior to your Thanksgiving or Christmas event to prepare questions related to family history, personal interests and other useful information.  Enlist a family member to video your event while you or someone else asks relatives questions like:  “What were Thanksgiving celebrations like when you were growing up?  What sorts of presents did you get when you were a child?  How did you meet XYZ relative?  Who was president when you were a child?  What was your first job?  What did you enjoy doing prior to having a family?  When did you first realize you wanted to be a…?”

3.  Create a contest.

If you are planning an afternoon holiday celebration, you may want to incorporate a fun contest that centers around a certain sports team.  You may be familiar with a guessing game where players will guess how many points a certain team scores during each quarter and whoever comes close wins the game.  You will need prizes to give away to the winners.  For guests who aren’t sports fans, you may use an existing board game, create a trivia game or something else fun to keep visitors entertained.  Ask an older child to help out with planning games for the younger children.  Keep in mind that the longer you have guests over (especially ones with little children) the more activities you have to come up with to keep everyone entertained.  

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