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April Fools Pranks

A few suggestion of pranks you might want to pull on your friends on this mischeavous day.

So, April Fools is coming, and you still don’t know how to get your friends with their pants down? Or perhaps you’re just looking for that extra sprice for your prank? Well, here we go:

1 – When you run into your friend, tell him you passed by his car on your way there. Casually ask him how he got that huge scratch on his car. Wait for his dash to the car, and enjoy while he searches for the “huge scratch”!

2 – Buy a pack of cigarretes and offer them to your friend, while enthusiastically shouting “Congratulations, your girlfriend told me the news already! Congratulations daddy!”

3 – When he/she leaves the phone on the table, take it and without him noticing, change your name on his contact list to “Anti-Narcotic Unit”. Call him without him noticing, and enjoy his face when he looks at the phone.

4 – This one is a classic, for which you require some helpers. Arrange it with two or three friends. In the group you will also have the victim, who is unaware of what is going on. Tell them to, on your mark, look somewhere when you say “Oh look! What is that? I never saw something like it!” They will all agree and make their surprised comments on “the thing”. Play this out for as long as you want, as you watch your victim’s efforts to understand what you are all talking about.

5 – Tell your parents you are now a drug addict and that you’ve wasted all your money on the addiction. Insist for a while until they fall for it, but make sure you tell them it’s a prank before they remove you from their will.

So, having said this, go for your own pranks too, be original. And remember, they’re supposed to be fun, so don’t overdo it ;)

Happy April Fools!

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