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Are Americans Willing to Give Up Freedom for Safety?

The concerning trend of strict policies like no prayer to the TSA and the crowd going with it.

America is supposed to be the land of the free. The place dreams are made of and a place where you are aloud to live your life how you want within reason. In order to make sure that the people who settled here in this nation could live freely our forefathers wrote what is known today as the Constitution. A set of guidelines that we base our laws off of. Sounds simple enough, but recently I’ve come to question whether we are throwing away our Constiontuional freedoms for the sake of feeling safe.

The first signs I noticed where quite some years ago when I was still in high school. It was before 9/11 and  christmas was just around the corner. Whatever holiday you celebrate in December everyone was excited to celebrate. Whether it be Hannukah, Kwanza, or Christmas. We were all pepped. Then all of a sudden I noticed no one on television would say Merry Christmas. They would say Happy Holidays. I can understand sure you want to include all holidays on television, but when they start telling students in school you can’t say Merry Christmas anymore. Doesn’t that violate Freedom of Religon and Freedom of Speech? I didn’t care what people told me I said Merry Christmas anyway and figured if they celebrated something else they could wish that back. Being politicaly correct on Television or in the paper is one thing, but to force people to talk politicaly correct language 24/7 is going a bit far.

Then the next thing I know no one is allowed to pray in schools. This is also a violation of Freedom of Religon. I’m not saying a teacher should lead the class in prayer by any means. I’m just saying if a student wants to pray before they eat their lunch they should be aloud without fear of getting in trouble. I must point out Christians are not the only religon that prays. All religons have prayer. It’s a form of discrimination in my mind of people who choose to believe in something. I understand not all people believe in a God, but the least you can do is let us pray before meals in school in peace without throwing a tantrum.

Then 9/11 happened. An awful day for all americans. We all remember and none of us want a repeat of that day. Yes, there have been other attempts. Which have lead the TSA to take drastic measures. Drastic measures that surprisingly 81% of the population according to a pole taken on the news are willing to put up with. It started out with minor irritaions like the metal detectors, putting things through the scanner. That stuff and now it’s esclated to full body imagers and pat downs that are more through than a doctors physical.

The problem I have is they had complaints about pat downs TWO YEARS AGO! Now that these pat downs are becoming more common are they now considering changing things. Personally I don’t hold out much hope. If they are replaced by private sectors they still have to obey TSA procedures. So my question is will the groping still be going on?

My question to all of you is why do you let it happen? A police officer can’t pat you down without just cause so why let a TSA employee do such a through pat down on you? Why subject to body imagers that do health damage and former TSA employees have come forward claiming the pictures of naked bodies are not deleted as stated, but filed away. Is this not enough of a viloation to make us standup for ourselves and say enough is enough?

I say a national opt day is not going to wake them up. As long as airlines have money rolling in they’ll continue to support the TSA. I say National Opt Out Day should be about No flying until the TSA makes serious changes or is disbanded. I for one will never fly again. To viloate my rights as human being like they are I say no. Will you do the same?

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