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Black Friday- Why is It "Black Friday"?

The meaning behind the term "Black Friday".

Have you ever wondered why Black Friday was always called er, Black Friday? Well, it may sound obvious to you but these are the meanings behind the term “Black Friday”.

Traditional Meaning- In the past, during the christmas seasons (usually starts the day after thanksgiving), shops held sales which were greeted upon by many shoppers for the cheapest sales in town. As a result, there was tons and tons of people out to shop on that day resulting in traffic accidents and violence throughtout the main cities. Hence, as a result of the tragedies caused by these sales, the day was coined “Black Friday”.

The Modern Meaning- Accountants generally use black ink to singnify profits in a business and red to signify losses. Since retailers wanted to put out a positive mood during the sales, they coined the term black friday which to them meant profitable friday.

So now you know where the term Black Friday came from.

Image by tshein via Flickr

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