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Casual Game Chest Part Two – Infectonator Two

Because there is an evil genius in all of us.

When it comes to casual games in which you can be the actual bad guy, there isn’t a lot to choose from. Of course not a lot is far from none at all. And this is where “Infectonator” comes in. A small, flash game in which the objective is to infect and basically decimate the entire human population by spreading a deadly virus that turns everyone into zombies. I chose to put the spotlight on second part as the differences in general aren’t that big from the first part, but some issues were resolved and there is a bit more things to do.

The game has a nice, self explanatory upgrade system, pixelated graphics and a touch of comedy. While actually finishing it can take a bit of time, you don’t have to play all the way in one go and as a casual game works. Controls are generally done with mouse, but there are hot keys for different stuff to help the player do things faster. Game is rather simple in general, but that doesn’t mean you will just blaze through it. Changing Santa Claus into a zombie might be problematic at times (and before you ask, yes, you can do that), but there is real satisfaction when you beat a level you had trouble with. Levels are replayable, so you can just repeat beaten parts to earn more money and upgrade your virus to help you with those tougher ones. Overall it is a nice experience and something to get some stress out in work or on the way from school. Try it out, it has a stamp of approval.

You can play the game here:

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