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Chinese New Year Divination, Mediation and Ritual

Every New and Full Moon I perform a collective divination that is relevant for all who read it. This New moon Divination is extra special because it is also the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rabbit!

The Age of Rites A Masked Face Dances

On each Full and New Moon I pull a card from the “Temple of Paradise Oracle” and d a collective Divination for all of us. This New Moon Divination is also the Chinese New year do the card doesn’t only reflect the trend of the lunar month but also the trend of the coming year, the year of the Rabbit 2011.

Divinaiton and The Temple of Paradise Card

Before we get into the reading, here is a little info to help you understand what the ‘Temple of Paradise’ deck is. The Paradise Deck contains fifty two cards. These are subdivided into four sets of twelve. Each set corresponds to one of the four Ages, or seasons of humanity’s existence on Earth. These, plus four main cards which denote the overall quality of a complete Age bring the total number of cards to fifty two.

The cards were designed and sketched by Shunyata and then artistically rendered over a course of several years by his team of Balinese apprentices. The cards themselves incorporate the universal language of symbology into dream-like bubbles of imagery.

Each card corresponds to one of the fifty two weeks in the year. The year is divided into four seasons; fifty two divided by four equals thirteen. The thirteen is the mysterious lunar principle, for thirteen lunar months fill one solar year and thirteen weeks constitute a quarter of the year. A similar correlation is found in a regular deck of playing cards…

The card that I pulled is the “Age of Rites and Rituals”, the full divination is several pages in length. Instead, of posting the whole reading, I’m only giving you the particulars. In subsequent posts you will come to know a lot more about the “Temple of Paradise”, but for right now lets just look at what the reading has to tell us.

The Age of Rites is the mirror-like era of generation. It is creation’s imitation of the creator’s ideal. Rites keep the channels of communication open between humanity and the ‘Universal Being’. By reflectively embodying the harmonic ideals that underlie the fabric of existence, you can recognize the trans-personal archetypes that work generational magic through the ritual of time.

Three and a half thousand years before Carl Jung coined the word archetype, Plato in the Republic, introduces his ‘Ideals’ through an analogy of beds and tables. He explains that there are many beds and tables in the world, -
“But there are only two ideas or forms of them- one idea of a bed, the other of a table”.

The carpenter who makes a bed, table or anything else, does so in accordance with its essential ideal. In this way, the making of things in the changing- impermanent realm, mimics the unchanging- permanent ideal.

Through the ritual of impermanent existence we express the permanent ideal of existing. And everything that we do is but a reflection of immortal potential. Rituals and Rites are the thread that connects the multifarious expressions of creation to the ideal. Each imitative act has synchronistic reverberations in the quantum of eternity.

The Age of Rites is when humanity starts to perceive its inner nature through the ego or personality. We all have an {I} which precedes our name, as in: I am so and so. What generally goes unnoticed is that we all share the same {I}. When the personality became personified, we traded the state of perpetual wholeness for the multifaceted experience of self discovery and development, “the human adventure.”

5th Pomegranate Seed (Power of Endurance) Cancer 6°
The spark is igniting the magical fire of a new epoch. You are no longer on the threshold. Your follow through and endurance has led to a rebirth. The illumination of new beginning now enlightens your path. The old is falling away, new friends, new talents, and new way of living are being kindled. The fires warm light will nourish the discovery and growth of your deepest values. Follow your instincts and clear away outdated thoughts emotional patterns. Listen closely to the words you share both in your own mind and with others. Descry with awareness, not attachment.

6th Pomegranate Seed (Power of Observation) Cancer 7°
The world of your experience, that your senses reveal, is less then one percent of the quantum spectrum of life, energy and matter. Out of the 400 million bits of information that you are exposed to every second, you’re only aware of 2,700. You heart beat, digestion and the one million chemical reactions that each of your 70 trillion cells go through every second, are driven by a higher self, spiritual intelligence.

Your higher instincts and intuition are the reigns of the Divine Being, the spirit that guides human evolution and sets the rhythm of time. It is sacred potential realized in the dimensional sphere of action.

When diluted by emotional frailties and fallacies, the spirit of our higher self becomes shackled by misconception and ignorance. As is evidenced by society’s unnatural morality and disjointed laws. We have the responsibility and the capability to over come ignorance and embrace life, love and the joyous light of being.

Dream-like qualities, patterns of synchronicity are illuminating hidden qualities and connections. Your awareness is growing like a newly lit fire.

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