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Christmas Away From Home

Working on a towboat during the holidays can be very depressing, being at home without your spouse or loved one also can be a very lonesome holiday season. most families learn to adapt to this different type of home life, but it still can be lonely for them.

 Christmas can be a very happy time of year, especially for children,  but it can also be a very lonely time of the year for the people out there who work away from home or in the military.  my husband has been working on a towboat for 25plus years, so we are very accustomed to this lifestyle and how we adjust our holidays to this type of life.  

On most towboats the companies try to rotate the schedule so that you have every other Christmas together.  our children have been used to doing Christmas on the 20th or the 27th many years.  they usually don’t seem to mind, especially when it came early!  over the years even when we were not together on the actual day we still have a Christmas eve and morning,  we get up and see what Santa has brought even though everyone else has already seen (Santa) or still shopping for toys. 

whats crazy is if we have our Christmas early(as we did this year)  it seems like the holidays are truly over!  we unwrap all the gifts, eat and laugh,then we go out in the public and people are still shopping and running crazy and it seems wrong.  at times i have even given thought to taking down our tree and decorations and if i did not have a grandchild i probably would.

i have found that a lot of folks have Christmas on different days and on the actual day many are at work or at home alone.  i have realized that its not the date, its the feelings and love you share with your family and friends.  if your a christian the date is important of course because of the birth of christ, but you can still remember the reason we are celebrating, even if your already unwrapped all the presents and ate all the treats.

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