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Christmas – BAH Humbug!

I’m being sociable (with a sting)!, Christmas festivities are not everybodies cup of tea, Belief is the key.


A long time, no contact. Thought I might just drop in for a quick chat! Hope you are all getting into the festive mood, and, enjoying all that shopping, spending money you haven’t really got, going for drinks with people you can’t really stand, looking for those skimpy frocks that reveal more than your intentions, not forgetting buying that cat proof Christmas tree!

Have I forgotten anything, Oh yes, Peace on earth to all men. Now wouldn’t that be something? It would certainly give the Good Lord a degree of satisfaction, knowing that his only begotten Son did not die in vein! Hmmmph, how many people would agree? There is always some disbelievers, and to my mind there always will be.

However, what ever stance you take, you must admit a belief of whatever kind will help bond similar, and like minded people, just as easily as it can fracture friendships and alliances. Christmas time, is a time to make a new start! To throw off the shackles of fear and doubt. Go on give it a try. Offer the hand of friendship to a stranger, help somebody in need, offer shelter to a homeless child, or even just donate to a good cause.

Merry Christmas, bah!

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