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Christmas Diner in Harmony

If two are company, but three are a crowd, to sit relatives or friends that have been apart during the year, can be a real time bomb. Read to know more…

When I was living in Ireland, everybody seemed very sorry that I was going to have my Christmas lunch on my own. I know that I could have bought a ticket to fly home, but there I´d have also been on my own and on top if that, I´d have found a dirty and cold flat without electricity or telephone, because having gone abroad, I hadn´t paid bills.

On the other hand, I couldn´t afford to pay a fortune for a ticket just to spend a couple of days at home. 

They were sorry that I was going to have my Christmas lunch alone, but so had I been since my arrival. Things hadn´t been easy to settle in and to get a job that helped me to come up afloat. Therefore, spending Christmas on my own wasn´t going to be a big problem nor was I going to cry for this.

I´ve always wondered why people feel so much sympathy for other people at Christmas time when they ignore them the year round.

I think it´s pure hypocrisy.

One will most probably be in need of friendship or a helping hand any other day during the year.

People go bananas if they´re going to spend such a day on their own. They feel that they´ve to have people around the table. They feel they have to have guests to dine or it won´t be a Christmas lunch to remember.

I think that inviting relatives or friends with whom one hasn´t been in touch for a long time, or hardly ever one meets, it´s a real time bomb that will go off any minute.

During the year, all of us do things. Some have better fortune than others. There may be jealousy and rivalries among friends or certain relatives. Political views are here to make things worse. One may sympathize with Labour and one´s uncle may support the conservative party. One may have been striving to have a stable job to come up afloat, while the other is doing pretty well…

“Now, listen to me young lad, were we better off when your folks ran this country?”

“We were!”

“Oh, no, we weren´t! Our balance of payments had been the highest! The unions seemed to run the country and…!

“Ah, there we go again!”

“Will you stop?” shouts a mother from the kitchen. “Let´s have our diner in peace!”


“So, how has it been for you this year?”

Tricky question to ask or to be asked as it´ll bring in another argumen as the one about political views. One will say to the other that one hasn´t been struggling hard enough and the other will reply that it was bad luck…

Sitting distant relatives or in laws at our Christmas lunch table is really a Pandora box as we never know what´s to come up out of it.

Not without mentiong these so called friends who forgot that one existed during the year, but they haven´t forgotten you, sending a card to wish you the same old thing.

If two are company, but three are a crowd, spending Christmas on one´s own isn´t a bad choice. Think about it. We don´t want to be as sweetie as a cake around these days, but we want to help each other at any time of the year and when we rreally need a sympathetic and helping hand.

(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. December 22snd., 2013.

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