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Christmas is Over

Christmas is over. I enjoyed it so much, but I’m happy it wont be here again for a year. It’s hectic getting ready for that one day out of the year. It’s a real job of work. Trying to imagine what everyone on your gift list will appreciate, especially. We don’t spend a lot of money but by the time we buy for 25 people it adds up, and that’s besides small gifts we exchange with my siblings and their spouses.

Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had the car packed full of gifts and food driving over to my son’s house. And I would like to think my gifts are something everyone will like and use. For my almost 5 months old great grandson I got a squeaking brown bear and he loved the squeak, he had a happy look on his face when he saw it. I also got him him a large bag of diapers, that’s what his parents will appreciate most.

We brought home so many presents and food. Our car was just as full driving home. It took several loads to get it inside the apartment. I was so tired I didn’t put anything away until this morning. I was worn to a frazzle and I collapsed on the couch like a sack of potatoes. I watched Steel Magnolias, and Christmas Story which I watch every year. It was a good Christmas Day.

Cover of Steel Magnolias (Special Edition)

We enjoyed the good food and visiting. We don’t often all get together and it was great that most of our family could be there. And I think the gifts we gave are things everyone will use and enjoy. The gifts we recieved were items that will be used and appreciated, so it’s all good. I hope your Christmas day was just as nice as ours

Liked it
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