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Christmas Taglines

Christmas Taglines.

Christmas is a time to be happy for others. We all have people to be thankful for, giving to others is special, a nice thing to do for other people around us. This holiday is also a time to be respectful for life, the universe, and everything that we experience in this life. Gift giving is important, as is keeping in touch with people we care about is. It is always nice to have a good opening line, while being receptive to others.

Listening to our friends and relations is sometimes the best gift that we can give: our time, our life is something to give others, something that might be more enjoyed than a material object. Receiving someone else’s time is also something that will leave a lasting impression on us – Christmas is a special time when we should try our best to be at our best.

These are taglines for Christmas.

I’d like to spend the twelve days of Christmas with you.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Merry Kissmas!

Berry Christmas!

Remember that Christ is the first part of Christmas.

Don’t forget Hanukkhah, the holiday Christ celebrated.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights!

I Don’t Want Anything for Christmas.

Could You Help Me Fill My Stocking?

Hello, Santa!

Us elves have been busy all year so that you enjoy the holiday.

Celebrate global cooling!

Yule is cool!

Celebrate Christmas in a cool way.

Enjoy the snow when it happens!

It’s our time to do Christmas right.

Just what does God have to do with Christmas?

We’re having a tropical Christmas with artificial snow.

I missed Christmas and went straight to Epiphany this year.

This is the Advent of a special holiday season.

Please forgive me getting nervous, and sending you a holiday greeting early this year.

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