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Christmas Traditions and Celebrations in Iran

Today my reader I am considering Iran.How is Christmas celebrated there? How is it different from many christian nations?

Iran is a Muslim country and Christmas is not recognised as a public holiday by the government. Many of the celebrations are done in secret. The people of Iran have a liking to parting and if Christmas gives them that opportunity they will celebrate. This country is a country of many religious and cultural influences, thus the Christmas celebrations are diverse and cannot be generalized.

Christmas in Iran is known as the little feast. A fast is observed prior to Christmas. The first twenty five days of December, people fast where animal products are not eaten. They break this special fast on the Christmas ever. The special food that is eaten on Christmas day is a kind of chicken stew called “harasa”. It is prepared in large quantities and eaten for several days. Even many non- Christian celebrate by having big parties and some I see them dressing in Santa’s hat. During Christmas in Iran Tv’s show programs that have a Christian theme. Iranian citizens have respect for Christians and they try to participate in this great celebration.

However, gifts are often not exchanged at Christmas. Mass is attended almost before Dawn to receive communities. As almost all over the world were Christmas is celebrated children are bought new clothes which they proudly wear on that Christmas week.

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