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“Community”s’ Three Greatest Surprises

“Community”s’ three greatest surprises.

Happy Valloween!

Since Friday evening of new show was initially expected to air on Oct 26, we got a Halloween-themed show … on Valentine Day. NBC marketing tried to make soda and pop out of a orange by coining the phrase “Valloween.”

After listening to that Stab was kept in his anxiety space, the research team took an unplanned trip of his house. The scary excitement came one after another, but here are three of the biggest:

1. Stab is kind of freaky

It was one factor when Abed found the key Hawthorne protection control space behind a bookcase (complete with accessibility the “Cougar Town” Hallo-wine episode), but the oh-so-naive Troy revealed Rebecca Pierce’s “special gym,” finish with lots of devices, along with a move and collars for pets for pets. “Secret dogs!”

Jeff and Britta’s look within Pierce’s bed space was simply scary. And there was that amazing symbol of a younger Chevrolet Pursuit.

2. The “ghost” in Pierce’s residence is…

Gilbert Hawthorne! Awesome expose of Giancarlo Esposito (”Breaking Bad,” “Revolution”) reprising his part as Pierce’s 50 percent sibling.

It was in contact with to see Stab formally welcome Gilbert into the family and let him be his new partner – especially considering that the research team had to fight Gilbert in videos clip gaming last year for the Hawthorne bequest. As Abed said, “I keep in mind when this show was about an excellent.”

3. Jeff’s punching gloves

While Mark and amateur-therapist Britta researched Pierce’s bed space, she shrewdly got Mark to start up about his dad problems.

But one factor we definitely weren’t anticipating was the exposure that the punching safety gloves Mark taken around throughout the show as part of his outfit belonged to his dad.

Jeff observed the “W. Winger” wording on the safety gloves, then grabbed the phone as the show finished.

A really strong show this weeks time, thanks to “Community” expert author Megan Total – look ahead to the SpacetimeCon next week! Awesome. Awesome cool cool.

Were you tossed off by the Hallow’s eve shenanigans on Valentine’s? What are your concepts about Jeff’s dad? Discuss your ideas on movie or publish a statement.

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