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Completely Inappropriate Christmas Gifts

There are two things you absolutely should not be giving either of your parents this holiday season–and they’re interchangeable in their inappropriateness…

Completely Inappropriate Christmas Gifts

What better way to make the holidays even more uncomfortable than by giving completely inappropriate gifts to your family?  If you love awkward moments and uncomfortable silences coupled with tension so thick you can scoop it up and serve it like egg nog, check some of these gifts, available just in time for your family gatherings.

Vagisoft Blanket­: I know of no other way to make things awkward at Christmas than the name of this product alone.  While these may just be the softest, most luxurious and most comfortable blankets ever invented, could you imagine giving one of these to your mother?  How about your grandmother?    

Shake Weight: Okay, I already thought the commercials for this product were over the line, but after the recent South Park episode featuring this overtly sexual work out product, there was absolutely no seeing it any other way.  As a gag gift, absolutely.  For anyone sharing your dinner table on Christmas Day, no way. 

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