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Easter and Jesus, How Did This Happen?

Article about where Easter and the passover.

The stores are starting to fill up with Easter baskets, candy, and stuffed bunnies, which means Easter is coming up.  My question is, how does finding eggs and the Easter bunny remember the resurrection of Christ.

The word Easter does come up in the Bible in Acts 12:4.  King Herod put Peter in jail and intended to bring him to the people after Easter.  It doesn’t mean they celebrated Easter, it just means they honored the Jewish passover after Christ’s death and resurrection.  This is a Christian day to remember Christ, but their is nothing in the Bible about painting eggs and a bunny.

Easter also has been long known to be a pegan festivial from a different country.  Babylonians actually had celebrations like this to honor one of their gods, Ishtar, which is pronounced “Easter” in most dialects.  The Easter bunny even has been around for many years starting back in Germany and Austria.

Celebrating Easter with candy and stuff has been around since or before Christ’s resurrection, but somehow they were tied together to represent the samething.  It is basically a Pegan and Christian holiday mixed together.  There is a lot behind Easter Sunday that we are not always told about.

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The orginal apostles and New Testament Church did not celebrate Easter.

Easter Sunday is always fun for the little kids, but it is also good to make sure that they know the full meaning behind the special day.  They need to know that Christ did die and resurrect for our sins.


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