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Five Funny April Fools Day Pranks for The Ages

If you want to make a fool out of anyone you know, these April Fools Day gags are sure to leave you in stitches!

April Fools Day is here once again and millions of sneaky teenagers and conspiring co-workers are planning to pull a prank on one of their buddies. Everybody loves a laugh, especially when it come at the expense of somone else! Try one of these classic and safe practical jokes that will leave you rolling in laughter! That doesn’t mean they will be though!

Sink of Surprise

This funny prank is very easy to pull off as long as you have a spray attatchment on your sink. Get a rubber band and wrap it around the trigger to hold it in the “on” position. It’s best if it is a clear rubber band.

Before you actually pull this off, you need to turn the water on so their is enough pressure left in the hose to make it spray at it’s full potential. Whomever is next to turn the sink on will be victim of a very wet praactical joke!

Defective Cup

This one takes precision and you will also need an exacto knife, styrofoam cup, straw, and your friends favorite beverage.

Most white styrofoam cups have what is known as a “gate” in the center of the bottom of the cup. It looks like a little nub. Taking your exacto knife, cut around the nub very carefully until it can be poked out.

Now that you have your hole, make sure your straw will fit snug into the hole and stands straight up in the middle of the cup. Pour your friends favorite drink into the cup and give it to them. When they pull the straw out of the hole, they will get soaked!

Cerealously Funny

This one works great if you use milk! You will need a half empty box of cereal, a washed out asprin bottle or something similar and an unsuspecting victim.

Pour milk into the bottle and nestle into the cereal so it reaches the bottom. The cereal should keep the bottle stabalized.

Close up the box of cereal and wait for breakfast. When your victim comes along to pour their cereal, they will already have milk in the bowl for them! This one is good for the kids!

Garbage Can Stalker

I know most people are not willing to get in a garbage can but if you are, this one is for you! You will need a large garbage can with a section cut out for you to see through. Try to pick someone you know as a stranger may not find this so funny.

Set your garbage can up where you normally would and hop inside. Make sure it’s clean! When your victim comes walking by, jump out and scream “April Fools!” but be prepared for a negative reaction.

Copy Machine Mystery

For a little fun at the office this one is great, especially if you get some of your co-workers involved.

The copy machine is by no doubt one of your co-worker’s worst enemies. This person would be the perfect target! 

Make sure that the copy machine is empty before your co-worker needs to use it. They will probably get irritated that they have to put paper in the machine.

When they are done filling the machine and making their copies, make sure they are distracted and empty the copy machine once again. The next time they need to use it, the will have to put another reem of paper in and get even more irritated! Keep it going until they figure out that someone is messing with them, and don’t forget to say April Fools!

Disclaimer: Be warned! Not everyone has a sense of humour! Pick your targets carefully! I am not legally responsible for any misfortune that you may incur!

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