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Five Gifts People Hate Getting on Christmas

So it’s Christmas day and you go open your gifts. Now, you want to be given something that you can enjoy, but sometimes you don’t get what you want. Here are some things that people hate receiving for Christmas and even as a gift for occasions.

I don’t like Christmas in America. I mean, I like the gifts, the happiness, and the family unity that comes with it, but I hate how this country has capitalized this celebration like crazy. When I used to visit my family in Mexico for Christmas, we’d have a great time together, but they are out of my reach now. Something people always like about Christmas is opening gifts (don’t lie. Everyone likes this). It’s good if the meaning of your gift is of peace and happiness, but if you truly want to give, don’t give these items:


You get a gift and you don’t like it. What do you do? Save it for a gift for someone else. Everyone hates this. I hate this. You hate this. Don’t do it! One time, I received a bundle of two mugs, two chocolate bars, and other stuff that I can’t remember. Can you believe this gift was given five times? It’s a good thing I use every gift that I get. I don’t like re-gifting because I don’t like angering people this way (I usually like to prank people, but this is not enjoyable for either). Now look at it from your point of view. If you got this same gift, you would get mad. Nothing says, “I don’t really care about what I gave you” like giving a gift that you did not enjoy. Don’t re-gift. Don’t re-gift. If you re-gift, you are, as they say in Latin, detestabilis.

Dollar Store Anything

Don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift, but you can’t be that cheap either! Most of the things that they sell at dollar stores are ripoffs and don’t last long because they are Chinese crap (I love China, but their products suck). Gifting anything from a dollar store is like saying, “I was desperate and I am greedy, so have this!”. It will only get people to hate you. Besides, you want quality on your products, which is something you are guaranteed not to find at a dollar store.


No matter your age, you hate receiving clothes for Christmas. I don’t actually understand why we humans hate getting clothes as gifts, but I am guessing because it’s something insignificant. For example, someone gives you a T-shirt, but people don’t really care that you have a new T-shirt unless it’s the most awesome T-shirt ever. Socks are even worse. People can’t usually tell when you have new socks, and even if they do, they don’t care. They are just socks after all. I’m going out of my way to explain why humans hate clothes as presents, but I don’t even think I’m expressing it enough, but my point is that clothes as Christmas presents…or any other kind of presents, suck.

Christmas Cards (Just the Card)

It’s a nice touch when you receive a Christmas card along with your gift. It’s not a nice touch when you ONLY get the card. Anyone can make or buy a card, but cards are not meant to replace a gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day (hate), or Christmas. Cards are meant as a cherry on top of the gift, giving it a nice feeling of joy. Why is gifting just a Christmas card pretty bad? Well, the same reason as buying a gift from a dollar store. It feels cheap and unthoughtful. Also, these things are just going to be read once anyways, so just forget about it.

Cleaning Products

Where do I start with this one? Maybe with the fact that receiving any cleaning product makes you feel bad because it feels like the message is something like, “There’s something dirty”. I’ve received Old Spice cologne and deodorant before, and it made me feel like they were subliminally telling me that I stink. Also, if you are a woman, receiving a cleaning product feels sexist. They feel like they’re being reminded that their place is at home being a house cleaner. It’s not only not right, it’s evil. People who give cleaning products are evil. They convey a secret message that will demoralize anyone who receives this, therefore taking over their emotions and twisting them to their own liking until eventually they become an evil emotional clone of the gift giver. Well, maybe I’m thinking about this too much, but if you give cleaning products, you stink (pun totally intended).

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