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Five of The Coolest Pumpkin Stencils

Looking for something a little different this Halloween? Want something more interesting than the normal boring face? These are some of the coolest, free, pumpkin stencils available on the internets!

So that time of the year is almost upon us once again. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Not only is it creepy, but it’s also a good excuse to invite a few friends around for take away food, beer and scary movies. Jack-o-laterns, in my opinion, help make Halloween what it is. They can be both creepy and amusing. I find however, that despite my best intentions they never quite turn out how I planned. A couple of years ago, I discovered pumpkin stencils. They’re perfect for those of you out there who are like me and lack any kind of artistic talent. All you have to do it print it out and stick it to the front of the pumpkin. Then just cut out the chunks until you’re left with a pumpkin that looks like it was carved by a professional.

Here are my top 5 copyright free, pumpkin stencils:

Jason Vorhees

Nothing quite says Halloween like Jason and the Friday the 13th series. This is an easy stencil that anybody should be able to pull off, perfect if you, like me, plan on showing the Friday the 13th films to your friends. Stick this by the front door and your friends will know they are in for one hell of an evening!

The Joker

  The Dark Knight was a huge box office hit. Why not celebrate the movie, the villains and of course Heath Ledger in the performance of his lifetime with this Joker pumpkin stencil. Again this is an easy template to follow, just be careful with the nose and the bit of the eyes that stick out. Although Batman may not be a Halloween themed movie, it is still a damn good movie. Bats… Batman…. Halloween… It could work!

The Black Pearl

 Carve this and you will really have a unique pumpkin. Who else in your area is gonna be rocking a Black Pearl pumpkin? This is quite a hard one to pull off, even with the stencil being numbered to make it a little easier. Extra care should be taken around the sails as they break easily. If you want to make this a little easier you can also skip the first step, leaving out the windows and the waves. Pirates of the Caribbean makes quite a good movie on Halloween for those a bit too squeamish for some real gore fests. It has zombies, pirates and a ghostship. Sounds like Halloween to me.

Jack Skellington

  Everybody loves The Nightmare Before Christmas. Everybody loves Jack. This is a guarenteed hit with everyone who is lucky enough to see it. This pumpkin stencil is not too challenging, the mouth is the hardest part but as long as care is taken it should turn out ok.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is another good movie for those of you who are squeamish or who have kids around. Yes, it’s a musical but the majority of the movie takes place in Halloween Town, providing plenty of scary moments. This movie has Halloween and Christmas, the two best holidays together in one movie. Come together with friends and celebrate Hallo-ristmas?

Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness

 This is one bad ass looking pumpkin carving. Ash and his chainsaw are one of the biggest icons in horror. Everyone knows that zombies and the undead are a menace to society, stick this outside your house and the dead will know not to mess with you. This isn’t a hard stencil to follow, be warned however, that the chainsaw blade and the stringy bit on the knee need a little care to be taken. Any film from the Evil Dead series will make for a highly entertaining evening of comedy horror. It’s cheesy, it’s gory and full of one liners. What’s not to like? This… is my boomstick!

Well those are some of my favourites, a google search will reveal more than I have time to discuss. These are all copyright free so copy, paste and print!
Those of you who want more, copyrighted stencils, check out: for some awesome designs, you’ll need to pay a small fee but it will be more than worth it when you’re rocking the coolest pumpkins in the hood!

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  1. Dark Antirex

    On October 19, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Nice pictures ;) Check out my article too, please:

  2. lillyrose

    On November 4, 2009 at 8:00 am

    Blimy, I am glad my kids didn’t see this before we did our pumpkin! great article!

  3. Nel

    On May 30, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    If you want Really Cool pumpkin stencils, check out they have 1000’s to choose from,
    and there’s even step by step tutors with photo’s.

    I found this site a few years back, and carve their patterns every Halloween.

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