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Google Gmail Motion Beta

I came across this on the youtube trending section and I started to look around.

ok so as usual i am watching vdeos on youtube in the morning, but this time i took a look at the trending section and saw this video

now im guessing you have already seen it or you just watched it now, after watching the video i was amazed by how google has transformed the email world and was eager to try it out knowing that it would work with any webcam (i would use my laptops one).

now i followed the link that they provided in the description box of the video and took a little tour around the webpage, reading the features, the cautions (standing to close and other stuff) and their upcoming projects such as google docs motion

after i had read all of that and watched the video again just to see what i could do i scrolled up and clicked the “try gmail motion bets now” button and a HTML5 popup showed itself, but this was a good popup (suprising), after waiting for the progress bar to load it welcomed me with a delightfull


now i can understand googles humor but they had put so much effort into and everyhting that i didnt even think it was an april fools joke, but they did mention after the april fools message it said “gmail motion does not exist, at least not yet….” it got me thinking.

Liked it
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