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Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982) – Movie Review

Movie review of Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what can I say about Halloween III: Season of the Witch?

It’s very hard to find something positive to say about Halloween III. I can say that Dan O’Herlihy and Tom Atkins both did a pretty good job of delivering their lines. Some of the other acting was OK. However, with the script not including Michael Myers this was a poor movie over all. I guess that the writers tried to explain why Michael Myers was hell bent on killing his family.

When I bought this movie I only bought it because it “belongs” in the series. I’ll try to come up with something or some scene I can say that is positive, but there isn’t much I can say. I’ve only watched Halloween III about a half dozen times, including while writing this review. only has 4.2 Stars out of 10 as a rating, I have to say that I only gave this a 5. If I can’t find anything positive to write about this movie I am sure I won’t have to apologize too much or be asked to.

It would be easier to list the things wrong with this movie. For instance, no Micheal Myers. The damn commercial that hypnotizes the children into killing their parents and then kills the children. The robots that do the dirty work such as killing. Really?! Robots?!

The tour of the Silver Shamrock factory was pretty cool. I liked that they showed how the masks were made, from pouring the latex to the painting. Wow, if I am talking about a tour of a factory from a movie then there really isn’t much hope for the whole movie. I think I might have to rethink what rating I am giving this movie, it’s pretty hokey. However, unless the story is pretty bad, the acting is horrible and many other aspects of the movie are substandard then the rating will stay where it is. OK, I might raise it to a 6, but not any higher. I think not having Michael Myers in this movie detracted from it significantly. Although, having Nancy Kyes and Jamie Lee Curtis play some kind of role in this movie was somewhat of a plus.

Liked it
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