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Happy Birthday to My Son

There is no word to say how happy I am as a mother…Yes, when I saw my lovely son was growing up day by day and health…And without I realize, He is eight year old now…Yes, today is his birthday.
Happy birthday, my son..Mom always love you..

Friday, June 04,2010…
My mobile message alert was ringing…I felt so hard to open my eyes..I felt so sleepy…but..Ups..!!!’s almost 5 o’clock in the morning. The message from my lovely son..He wrote..”Mom..wake up..and come to my room..” is my son birthday..and I must say something in his happy day…

“Happy son…” I kiss his cheek and give the warm hug…After praying..My son went to take a bath and preparing of his self to go to the school. I accompany my son to school. He look so happy…Take care honey..and my son was waving his hand to me before He goes to his class room.
I and my mom have prepare the small party for my son..and We will celebrate it after my son go back from the school.

10 am….
My son was going home….He felt surprise and happy…a small tart..chocolate..and the gift from the grandmother had available on the table.

I take a record the moment during the celebration..I don’t want to lose anything in this moment. The sweet moment in my life especially for my lovely son..Without I realize..He was growing up…Yes, He is 8 year old now….Mom always love son..I will kept you and pray for you forever…I promise..

Happy lovely son….

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