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Holidays on July 7Th

Americans may celebrate Global Forgiveness Day, Tell the Truth Day, Father Daughter Take a Walk Together Day, National Strawberry Sundae Day and Chocolate Day on July 7th every year.

Every year on July 7th we celebrate Global Forgiveness Day. Global Forgiveness Day was started to promote forgiving and conflict resolution. Forgiveness is promoted on radio, television and in printed media. People also promote forgiveness by telling other people about Global Forgiveness Day.

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You may think you should tell the truth on Tell the Truth Day, but telling lies may be helpful sometimes. It is better to compliment someone than to insult them. Some people are more sensitive emotionally than others. People sometimes tell white lies to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Tell the Truth Day may remind you of fictional characters who had problems when they lied. Pinocchio was a puppet made by Gepetto to be his son. Pinocchio had a problem with telling lies. When he told a lie his nose grew longer. In the movie Liar, Liar Jim Carey plays a defense lawyer, Fletcher Reede, whose lying helps him in his career. Fletcher’s son Max makes a birthday wish that his father cannot lie for a day and it comes true. Then Fletcher is not able to lie or to be silent about a true response. Do you know someone who would like a Pinocchio doll or puppet? Many very appealing Pinocchio dolls and puppets are available online.  

On Father Daughter Take a Walk Together Day set aside some time for the father and the daughter(s) in your house to walk together and enjoy some quality time together. Father Daughter Take a Walk Together Day may be celebrated with a father and a daughter strolling through the neighborhood. The daughter(s) and the father can also walk through the town window shopping or walk around a park or a mall. Many people take fitness walks around the track at high schools and colleges.

On National Strawberry Sundae Day if you are looking for a strawberry sundae you can find them at your local McDonald’s or Burger King. A&W, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Haagen Daz, McDonalds, Tastee Freez and many restaurants serve strawberry sundaes. Strawberry sundaes are made with ice cream, strawberries and strawberry syrup with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

The American holiday Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7th. If you are near Pennsylvania you can visit the chocolate theme park Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey built the Hershey chocolate factory and a town for the Hershey workers in 1903. In 1906 a town named Derry Church in Pennsylvania changed the name of the town to Hershey. In 1973 a chocolate theme park, Hershey’s Chocolate World, was opened by the Hershey Foods Corporation.

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