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How to Make Victorian Valentine Cards

How to make Victorian style valentines to give to your family and friends.

Victorian valentines conjure up images of rich colors donned by cherubic figures and girls holding small hearts and banners in their hands, frequently surrounded by a lace doily. Flowers and calligraphy would also decorate these valentines which were then given to family and friends, and especially a true love.

Items you will need for one card:

1 – 6” white paper lace doily
gold sparkles
postcard with a Victorian girl or cherub
4 rose or other floral stickers
blue felt tip pen
Elmer’s glue

To make one Victorian card, place the paper doily on the table in front of you. In the center of the doily, place the postcard so that it overlaps slightly into the lacy portion. Remove the postcard and turn it over. Trace a diamond shape by locating the centers of each side then using the ruler to join the center points using the pencil. Cut out the shape using the scissors. Turn over the post card and place it back on the doily. Once the card is centered, use a thin layer of glue to attach it to the doily.

Now you can add the floral stickers. Arrange them at angles around the photo on the doily. Make sure they are placed at even distances around the photo.

Take the blue felt tip pen and write your message on your Victorian valentine. The message might say “To My Valentine”, “To My Love”, or “For You.” Be creative. To give it that Victorian feel, write in cursive or a calligraphic script.

Now you are ready to add gold sparkles on the card. Place a thin layer of glue around the edge of the doily, then gently tap the tube of sparkles on the glue. Allow the glue to dry, then tilt the card over a piece of newspaper to eliminate any sparkles that fell elsewhere on the card. Your Victorian valentine is now complete and ready to be given to someone.

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