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How to Overcome The Weakness After Birth


hildbirth makes mothers are exhausted. In addition to the process of childbirth, post-melahirkanpun still feels the burden on mothers, especially in some parts of the body.

To overcome the weakness after childbirth, should be given a potion to increase the physical power to the new mom feel more fit. For treatment after delivery, please you try traditional medicine following:

– Chinese New Plants (4 pieces)
– Water (6 cups)

Chinese new washing plant until clean, then boil in 6 cups of water to the remaining 2 cups. After a match for, drink the potion of water 2 times daily as much as 1 cup.

That’s a little tip for those of you who have weak bodies after giving birth. Hopefully with the traditional medicine and re-fit your body can properly care for your baby.

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