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How to Surprise Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about love, not just the romantic kind. Try these fun ways to surprise your kids on Valentine’s Day.

Children love Valentine’s Day.  They have been preparing for this special day in school by making you amazing cards and letters; now it’s time to show them how much you love them.  Here are some great ways to surprise your kids on Valentine’s Day:

  • Write a love note to your child on Valentine’s Day.  Leave it in their lunch box or somewhere they are sure not to miss it.  Make sure to use lots of colorful stickers.  You can also try leaving a little ‘nut-free’ treat for their snack.
  • You usually make their breakfast with love so this time try using heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut out their toast or pancakes.  You can also try adding some strawberry puree to their pancake mixture so that the pancakes look truly like a Valentine’s Day heart.  
  • Send a card in the mail to your kids.  Most children do not regularly expect mail so this can make their eyes light up when they see that the card is for them.
  • Find some great family pictures and make a little photo album for them.  Kids love seeing pictures of themselves as babies.  You can show them how much your love has grown for them too by sharing old memories with them.
  • Your local dollar store has a huge variety of Valentine’s Day items to choose from.  Without spending too much you can give them each a great bag of goodies. 
  • Sit down with your kids and create a short story on Valentine’s Day.  Keep it in a special Valentine’s Day scrapbook that you can look back at each year.  List ways that you can be nicer to each other throughout the year. 

Valentine’s Day is all about showing our love for one another.  Your kids will value your thoughtfulness and carry it on throughout the year.

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