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Is Santa Claus Real?

A story about a child who asks if Santa is real or not…

When I was a kid, I always thought that he was real and that he gave gifts to the kids like me. But, what happened to me was to keep on waiting for him for how many years. To make the story short, I was left hanging without Santa in me.

Now that I am old, I do not believe that is real. I am no longer fooled by my grandmother’s myth that Santa is alive because I never saw him once. What I know is that everyone can be a Santa Claus, and everyone can give gifts in various ways. There is enough time for us to do charitable work and help to those who are in need. Helping with one another is a challenge and a big help to those who are in need. Imagine. One is going to smile after receiving gifts from a stranger. Isn’t it great to feel that other people would be happy because of what we did? Excellent work, isn’t it?

Now, whether we have Santa or not, we need to enliven his presence, his myth, and his goodness in order to train our little kids the importance the value of giving and help. After all, that is all about Christmas.

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