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Joke!! Watermelon

Q: "What "Change" did Obama bring to White House?

A: Michelle replaced the rose garden with watermelons!

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Q: When do you go at red and stop at green?

A: When you’re eating a watermelon.

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Q: Why do watermelons have fancy weddings?

A: Because they cantaloupe 

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Q: Whats the difference between a watermelon and a slut?

A: The watermelon isn’t as messy when you eat it! 

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Q: What do you have left after a pig eats a watermelon?

A: Pork rinds

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Q: What type of fruit has babies in a red house, a red house in a white house, and a white house in a green house?

A:  ’a watermelon! 

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Farmer’s patch.

There was a farmer who grew watermelons. He was doing pretty well, but he was disturbed by some local kids who would sneak into his watermelon patch at night and eat his watermelons. After some careful thought, he came up with a clever idea that he thought would scare the kids away for sure. He made up a sign and posted it in the field. The next day, the kids show up and they saw the sign which read, “Warning! One of the watermelons in this field has been injected with cyanide.” The kids ran off, made up their own sign and posted it next to the farmer’s sign. When the farmer returned, he surveyed the field. He noticed that no watermelons are missing, but the sign next to his read, “Now there are two!” 
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Three Girls.

Three girls named Marie, Alexis and Taylor were driving through the country, when all of a sudden their car stalls. Marie remembers seeing a farm a little ways back, so her and Alexis walk to the farm, leaving Taylor guarding the car. When Marie and Alexis get to the farm, they tell the farmer what happened. The farmer raises a gun to their head and tells them to get a fruit, vegetable, whatever, just get something from the garden. Marie grabs a turnip, and Alexis grabs a single grape. Just as they come back into the farmer’s house, Taylor walks in. He tells Taylor to do the same as they just did, and Taylor heads off towards the garden. While she’s out in the garden, the farmer tells Marie and Alexis to shove whatever they have up their ass, and who ever laughs, dies. Marie laughs first, so the farmer shoots her. Then Alexis laughs and she gets killed too. So they are floating out of their bodies, and Alexis asks Marie why she died. Marie said that the thought of sticking a turnip up your ass was just too funny. Marie then asked Alexis why she laughed, Alexis said: “I saw Taylor coming around the corner with a watermelon! 

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Watermelon Pick Up Lines:

If I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seed?

Girl, do you like watermelons? (Why?)

Because you have water in your melons! 
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