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Making Fashion Fantastic for The New Year

As everyone makes New Year’s resolutions for 2013, women are thinking of ways to improve their wardrobes and outlooks.

One of the major reasons for making New Year’s resolutions is to avoid staying in a routine rut. People need to grow and change to progress.  Often the transformation starts on the outside and slowly works its way to the inner entity. Feeling attractive boosts your confidents and gives you a whole new feeling about your life.

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

It’s time a clean out your wardrobe and get rid of clothes you have not worn in a year or longer. Make room for the new fashions and fun awaiting you in the new year. Toss away old baggage that holds you down and keeps you from thinking creatively. The month after Christmas and New Year is also an excellent time to find sales and revamp your wardrobe for less.

Be Daring 

Step out of the box to add color and style to your world. Buy a new dress that sparkles.  Get a bright new lipstick. Take an extra five minutes everyday to fix your hair and make sure you look fabulous. This small amount of time can yield big results when it comes to compliments.  Check out the latest fashions, such as single shoulder bodices and high low hemlines.  Helen Terzyan of Elegant Mart commented, “The new dresses for 2013 are colorful, feminine and just slightly bolder than last year.”

Learn Something New

Instead of staying status quo, learn something new everyday. It can be a small tidbit of knowledge or can en roll in school or a career course. The key is to keep learning so you always have a fresh point of view about work and life.

Add a Smile to Your Day

Be more personable and less rushed. As you scurry, make time to say hello and smile to people around you. Call people back promptly and respond to emails. You will be surprised at how this ongoing contact enriches your daily life.

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