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Meaningful Gifting

A quest to find a meaningful gift for my mom.

My mom has helped me so much this year.  She flew from Colorado to visit me in Florida when she became worried about my health.  She flew back to me a few months later because I was having major surgery on my spinal cord and needed her with me.  She has given me money this past year to help with failing finances while I am recovering and unable to work.  She also gave me money to buy Christmas gifts for my adult children and granddaughters.

I wanted to give my mom a gift for Christmas that was special and meaningful, but wouldn’t break the bank either since I was operating on limited funds.  The after-Thanksgiving sales were tempting and I did purchase a couple of Vera Bradley pieces; items I knew she could really use, like a pretty insulated lunch bag and a duffel for her sleepovers.  I knew she would like these things, but they still felt a bit impersonal and not the kind of meaningful I was seeking for her.

Then I began to think of all the pictures I had of her visiting me this year and the fun things we were able to do.  I decided to create something that would incorporate these memories and photos.  I decided upon a calendar from Shutterfly.  There are other companies that can print calendars for you.  I just happened to find a great sale on Shutterfly that included free shipping. 

I sorted through my digital images and picked about 20 of them that might be ideal for a calendar.  Shutterfly’s desktop designer was easy to use and didn’t take as long as I thought it might.  For a truly personalized touch, I added all the birthdays of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  When the finished product arrived at my home, I was impressed with the calendar creation.  I tucked the calendar under the Vera Bradley lunch bag and duffel and mailed out her package.   I know she will be delighted and surprised when she opens them on Christmas Day.

Make something meaningful for your special person this holiday.  For less than $15 I was able to create a gift for my mom that she can enjoy throughout the coming year.

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